You’ve been trying to find a good work/life balance for years, so you can feel optimal and get into your best shape. You’ve done the research and done all the plans, but you still come home exhausted after a long day's work, and veg out in front of the tv. If you know the right things to do, why hasn’t the missing puzzle piece clicked yet?

You set the intentions, read the books, order the workout DVD’s, pay for the gym membership you don’t use enough(or at all). Heck, maybe you even make vision boards featuring a carefree woman languidly relaxing on the beach. So what’s the problem here? If you don’t know your fitness personality or understand your relationship with your body, or your mindset, you’re still on that emotional rollercoaster so many women are on when it comes to wanting to look amazing, while balancing a family and career that drain the energy out of you.

Trust me, I KNOW. I’VE BEEN THERE. And now I work with women everyday who are in the exact same position as I was. I’m a thriving woman in her upper 30’s, in radiant health with a body I love. I now have a flourishing business and have the time and energy to run around after my kids and indulge in fun and self-care when I need it. For me, being healthy does not feel like a chore and I maintain a slim physique and am able to wear bikinis and skin tight clothes without feeling insecure or worrying about a muffin top.

But it wasn’t always this way. After I had my second child at the age of 30, cellulite and a gut closed in on my reality, I realized I couldn’t continue to overindulge in junk food unless I wanted to hide under clothes all the time. Now, I rock any outfit I choose, and even walk runways! Rarely do I analyze myself in front of the mirror. I just eat healthy and my weight is maintained. Breaking through mindset and behavioral barriers is the best thing I ever did for myself!

Now, I help other ambitious women who are balancing stressful careers, families and trying to realize their own dreams as well. As an International Health and Career Coach with both a Master’s in Health Science and Career Counseling, as well as a Certified Myer Briggs Evaluator, along with other credentials, I have helped my clients time and time again exceed their health and fitness goals, and find that balance they so need, so they can live their optimal life.

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Women have been conditioned to believe inaccurate societal and health messages that can carry on through generations. I help them break through those physical and mental barriers to take control of their lives, so they can not only find that balance that they so need, but so they can actualize their dreams that have been on the shelf collecting dust for so long, waiting for the right time. (That’s part of the problem...thinking that you have to wait for the “right time.” What does that even mean?)


Trust me, I get it.

You have the vision for your life, and I have the experience and tools to help you refine what exactly that is, and manifest that career, spiritual, relationship and physical balance to get you on the path to actualizing your dreams. With new clarity and the youthful energy you forgot you had, you will be able to live your life to its greatest potential.

Let’s create that lifestyle for you together.

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“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

~ Paulo Coelho

  •  You can sometimes find me in the bathroom dancing to Caribbean music while getting dressed to go out.
  • I will stand in a long line to ride in the front seat of a roller coaster because I enjoy thrills and adventure, but I'm not sure if parasailing in Hawaii with a small harness without knowing how to swim was such a great idea.
  • Lack of life variety and workaholics that don't take the time to chill... bore me.
  • I cook because my family and I need to eat, not because it's a hobby. But once I'm in the kitchen be assured my food will turn out flavorful and you'll be full.
  • Did I mention that chocolate lava cake, red velvet cake, and strawberry cheesecake are absolutely delicious?
  • I'm a positive-minded social creature, but if we don't have much in common and I don't vibe with you I prefer not to engage in small talk just to fill time.            
  • I'm one of the only adults that you can find jumping on the trampoline or swinging at the park with my children. I prefer not to be a stuffy adult.
  • Sweet Moscato with a fancy dinner, please!
  • Traveling to Bali, Indonesia was a mental and spiritual awakening and FUN experience! Traveling to Africa and Australia may fall slightly behind that experience.
  • I attract all cultures and ethnic backgrounds and prefer to not be constrained by dogmatic philosophies and rules
  • The free spirit in me needs freedom and independence!
  • I enjoy challenging the status quo and being authentic!
  • Sunshine, palm trees, white sand and warmth is where I feel the most at home and thrive!
  • Fashion, fitness, and FUN make me feel good!
  • I embrace networking and consistently promote quality professionals and rising stars!

International Holistic Nutrition Coach  *  Entrepreneur  *  Author  *  Change Agent  *  Trend Setter  *  Lifestyle Coach

  Why do I eat well and exercise?

* Because I like to look damn good in a bikini!

* Because I attract positive and uplifting people.

* Because my skin stays youthful.

* Because I feel sluggish when I don't.

* Because prescription medication costs an arm and a leg... and a body.

* Because getting ill doesn't afford me the opportunity to have a fully productive and satisfying day.

* Because healthy food actually tastes better when prepared well.

* Because ideas flow to me quicker.

* Because a fulfilling and quality life is important to me so that I can better enjoy my life on this physical plane.

* Because I enjoy empowering others.